Abstract Cell Theory : incursion in the abstract cell as part of the awareness to protect itself or by ignorance. The written parts made by the band explore the rambling development of tormented ideas by isolation, sometimes unintentionally, in his imaginary prison.

This abstract cell also symbolizes the creation from nothing, the element of life that exists only in the imagination and takes form artificially. It illustrates the band's musical approach in search of a new style, made of a very personal alchemy of eclectic influences: rock, metal, death metal, electro, and even funk, punk and classical music. The Parisian combo's world especially really meets those of musicians like Devin Townsend, Paradise Lost, Sybreed or Depeche Mode. Now supported by the French label Brennus, Abstract Cell Theory sets a modern definition of progressive metal.

By summer 2009, Lionel Nardari (singer) and Yannis Auguste (guitar player) decide to stop their musical project which was to create a metal stuff as powerful as subtle. They get in touch with Berdeil Olivier (drums), with whom Lionel had been playing a few years earlier, and set up together the first titles of Abstract Cell Theory.

At first, without any bass player, Olivier d'Ariès (T.A.N.K) provides support to the compositions before the arrival of Jeremy Mas (Bass player), leading to the stability of the new line-up.

The self-producted demo "ACT", released in April 2010, was warmly welcomed by both critics and the audience. Background and personal experience of the four musicians enabled the band to quickly deliver on stage the full extent of their musical identity and win more fans so far.

The new sound of Abstract Cell Theory, perfect balance between energy, melody, atmosphere, technique and efficiency, draws the listener off the beaten track to make him share a unique experience.